Tiggy’s book, “Advice from a Wild Deuce:
The Best of Ask Tiggyis here!

Friends, here it is. I present to you the very best of my Ask Tiggy column, right here in one handy guide. In it, you’ll find letters from people different nations, ages, stations, and stages, all trying to live authentically in between gay and straight.

Scattered throughout, you’ll see wise words from my You Might Be a Bisexual Tumblr blog. Advice from a Wild Deuce also offers coming out tips specifically for bisexuals, thoughts on intersectionality, script snippets from Bilicious, and strip snaps from Upland. At the end, I reveal much more about my life than ever before. What more could a bisexual ask for in a book?

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Tiggy’s “Be the Person You Needed” Campaign


On October 11th of 2016, I, Tiggy Upland, came out…with a paperback version of Advice From A Wild Deuce! From that day until the end of the 2016 – 2017 school year, I am asking all of you to consider donating this book to your alma mater or local LGBT community center.

Deuces, we’ve come a long way since I was in school, but LGBT groups still aren’t very good at providing resources to their bisexual folks. They also rely heavily on book donations. There are some terrific books on sexuality available now but you’d be hard pressed to find even one like this, where bisexuals get specific advice.

Please buy the Advice from a Wild Deuce paperback and send it to your high school, college, or community LGBT Center. It’s a great way to be the person you needed back then.